Our core values

They guide everything we do and empower us as individuals and as a team.


We believe in achieving great things with the maximum efficiency. We seek simple, streamlined solutions and distill until what’s left is only what’s necessary.


We base our decisions on insights and solid analysis. We run hundreds of tests simultaneously, constantly iterating to make improvements.


We listen to our users when they give us feedback. We aim to provide a delightful experience, and cultivate a supportive relationship with our users.


We trust and empower ourselves to make meaningful contributions. We have the ownership and the autonomy we need to make an impact.


We generously share knowledge across teams. We share successes and failures openly. We support, encourage, and cheer for each other.


We learn new things every day. We embrace challenges as opportunities to learn. We give feedback empathically and welcome it when we receive it.

Nice to meet you!

Here’s a little peek at how we work - and how we have fun together.

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What it’s like to work at Monkey Taps

Our positive impact starts with ourselves and what our day-to-day lives are like: our work philosophy, benefits, and perks.

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Remote and async

Everyone works remotely 100% of the time- there’s no office
Our team is based mainly in Spain and the East Coast of the US
We use Notion and Slack intensively for asynchronous communication
We keep regularly scheduled meetings to a minimum, making sure everyone who’s included is actively contributing and that meetings have an agenda to keep them productive

Flexible and balanced

We offer flexibility so employees can set their own working hours to maximize their work-life balance
We supplement existing benefits to ensure employees still earn their full salary when they take parental leave


We offer a flexible remuneration program so employees can save on income taxes when they pay for meals, health insurance, and daycare
We reimburse employees for sessions with their preferred therapist
We offer employees a budget for courses, training, and tools
We offer free English lessons with a native speaker
New hires can choose any equipment or gadgets they need to create their ideal work setup


We have quarterly team building events and activities where we all hang out in person
We also provide a quarterly budget for other in-person meet-ups
We have 4 extra holidays for all employees every year, one each quarter
Employees get one extra day of PTO after their first year, 3 more days after their second year and 5 more days after their third year
We also have special celebrations and gifts for company milestones or events like birthdays or holidays

Join the Monkey Taps dream team

We are a very small team relative to our size, so we need very talented and passionate individuals that can have a huge impact. We are 100% remote, flexible, and our goal is to attract and retain the top people in the industry.

Join us!

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