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Translated in over 15 languages, we work with a team of writers and manage our content with data science and AI.

Get Your Daily Dose of Motivation

Whether you’re going through hard times, need an extra push to get stuff done, or simply enjoy sharing inspirational quotes on social media, Motivation has you covered. Our daily quotes will motivate you to live your best, brightest life.


Motivate Your Team

Is encouraging the team high on your agenda? Motivate your colleagues with inspirational daily quotes. With Motivation, you can receive powerful, relevant quotes directly in any Slack channel.

Create Your Best Life

Daily affirmations help rewire our brains, build self-esteem and change negative thought patterns. Choose your intentions and set reminders to receive powerful, inspiring affirmations throughout the day. Then verbally affirm your goals to empower yourself and manifest the life of your dreams.


Expand Your Knowledge

Want everyone to think you’re super smart? Amaze others and stand out from the crowd with your unique knowledge of facts. Or just learn something new and interesting every day. You’ll be fascinated by our Daily Random Facts! Knowledge is power; try it out today for free.


Improve Your Vocabulary

Whether you’re strengthening and broadening your vocabulary for school, work, or personal growth, consistently learning new words is the key to your success. Boost your word power and increase your communication skills!


Get Your “HAHA’s and LOL’s” on the Go!

It’s been scientifically proven that laughter is the best medicine. Laugh My App Off is guaranteed to give you the biggest chuckles all day long.


Dream Team

We are a very small team relative to our size, so we need very talented and passionate individuals that can have a huge impact. We are 100% remote, flexible, and our goal is to attract and retain the top people in the industry.

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